Thomas Kellock

Team Principal Thomas studies Mechanical Engineering and joined Queen Mary on the Science and Engineering Foundation Program in 2016. He joined QMFS last year as part of Drivetrain. Before university he spent five years making and repairing woodwind instruments for Howarth of London.

Team Principal

Rubén Lambert-Garcia

Rubén is in the third year of his BEng in Mechanical Engineering, having started at Queen Mary as a foundation year student in 2016. He joined QMFS as a member of the Powertrain Team but was promoted to Head of Engineering for the 2019/20 season. In this position he oversees the technical side of the project and is responsible for ensuring the successful completion of all designs and their subsequent manufacture and assembly.

Head of Engineering

Katarzyna Adamska

Kasia is a fourth year Electronics with Music and Audio Systems student who joined Queen Mary Formula Student in January 2018 as part of the Marketing Team. After taking the role of Head of Marketing in the summer, she progressed to Head of Operations in November 2018. Kasia is responsible for directing the Administration, Finance and Marketing teams, and facilitating their collaboration. In addition, she oversees the preparations for the business presentation. She enjoys working in a creative and collaborative environment, which is the reason why she joined QMFS. 

Head of Operations

Tasha Wrigley

Tasha is a third year Mechanical Engineering student. She joined the team in 2017 as part of the Marketing Team before transferring to the Chassis Team for the 2018/19 season.  As Head of Chassis she overseas the design and manufacture of the chassis, bodywork, firewall and seat. She likes the fact that QMFS has given her the opportunity to put her practical skills to use in a field in which she would like to start a career.

Head of Chassis

Fahd Pervaiz

Fahd is a fourth year student studying Mechanical Engineering. He joined the team in 2016 as part of the Chassis Team and was promoted to Head of Chassis the following year. Now as Head of Suspension he is in charge of all components related to the suspension and steering systems. His third year project was to design and simulate the suspension system for the new car. He likes the fact that QMFS is a great way to learn about vehicle design and dynamics which can give a good head start to life as a racing car engineer, something he has always aspired to do.

Head of Suspension

Ahmed Abou Sherif

Ahmed is a final year Mechanical Engineering student who joined Queen Mary Formula Student in 2017 as the Deputy Head of Powertrain. For the 2018/19 competition year, Ahmed has progressed into the position of Head of Powertrain and is now responsible for overseeing the design and manufacture processes of all engine systems. This is a pivotal year for the powertrain department as integral components such as the Intake and Exhaust systems will be designed with the numerical aid of combined 1-D and 3-D fluid dynamic simulation using Ricardo’s WAVE Code. Ahmed thinks that QMFS is a great way to get “stuck in” during studies! He says that it has allowed him to bridge the gap between education and industry; a true gateway into the exciting world of motorsport engineering.

Head of Powertrain

Raymond Zhen

Raymond is currently a third year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student. He joined the team in second year, where he worked on electronic shifting. This year he was promoted to Head of Electronics and is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of all the electronic systems of the car. Raymond is planning to enhance the amount of information available to the driver showing full diagnostics. What he likes about QMFS is being around like-minded people and working on exciting projects.

Head of Electronics

Pantelis Kyriacou

Pantelis is a third year Mechanical Engineering student who joined Queen Mary Formula Student in 2019 as Deputy Head of the Associate team and society Welfare Officer. Pantelis is responsible for the organisation and running of the new Associate team, creating opportunities to teach and inspire the new members of QMFS. He enjoys working side by side with other students to help them find their  place within QMFS, and thinks that the team is a great chance for students to test their engineering and management abilities in a realistic working environment.

Head of Associate Team

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