Efe Sen

Efe is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student here at QMUL. He joined QMFS as part of the associate programme, being elected to Team Principal in 2020. He is a creative and open-minded team leader, responsible for communicating and balancing the interests of major stakeholders, as well as achieving a successful season in FS.

Team Principal

Antonio Brozičevic

Antonio is in his fourth year studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and was elected to Head of Engineering for the 2020/21 season. In this position he oversees the technical side of the project and is responsible for ensuring the successful completion of all designs and their subsequent manufacture and assembly. He is also experienced in volunteering activities and participated in different projects, working as a young scientist, technical apprentice and a lecturer.

Head of Engineering

Jacobo Pavía Palmlöf

Jacobo is a 3rd Year Sustainable Energy Engineering Student with a Year Abroad here at QMUL. He joined QMFS as a part of the associate programme, and later being elected as the Team Treasurer. As a leader he is organised and is an effective communicator having responsibility for the heading the operations team as well as logistics.

Head of Operations

Sofía Capell

Sofía is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student. As Head of Chassis, she is responsible for completing the design and manufacture of the chassis, body works, seat and mounts alongside her team. They have successfully made a CAD for almost all the parts and manufactured the chassis.

Head of Chassis

Maria Sohail

Maria is currently in her 2nd year of studying Mechanical Engineering. She joined the team last year as part of the suspension team and was promoted Head this season.Her department is responsible for everything related to the suspension and steering of the car including the wishbones, tyres, and the anti-roll system.

Head of Suspension

Lilian Luo

Lilian is a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering student who heads the Powertrain team. Originally an associate member, she was promoted to senior member of her department last season. Now, as the head, she is responsible for overseeing the design and manufacture processes of all engine systems. These include the engine, the radiator, and the fuel system.

Head of Powertrain

Bhargav Maniar

Bhargav is just starting his 3rd year of Computer Systems Engineering student here at QMUL. He was originally a senior member of the electronics team since the 2018/19 season. As the newly appointed head, he overseas the formation of the car's wiring loom, the dashboard, the ECU among other electronics of our racing machine.

Head of Electronics

Sandy Ratha

Sandy is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student at QMUL. She joined the team last season as an associate member now heads the Drivetrain department for the 2020/21 season. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring the car has a high-performing transmission system, a reliable differential, and a lightweight driveshaft.

Head of Drivetrain

Mughees Asif

Mughees is a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering student. As a senior member of the electronics department from 2018 until the end of last season, he developed a bespoke steering wheel system and telemetry software. For this season, his aerodynamics expertise and leadership skills are being relied on as the head of the newly formed Aerospace department to develop a custom aerodynamics package.

Head of Aerodynamics

Karthikeyan Ponniah

Karthik is a 3rd Year Aerospace Engineering student. He ensures that the team is financially healthy to build the race car for 2021. He has brought in sponsorships and is currently managing the supply chain. As a former Marketing Officer and Associate, he's an experienced member in QMFS, bringing in knowledge from a variety of networks.

Head of Finance

Humaira Patel

Humaira is in her 3rd year of studying Mechanical Engineering. She joined our team last year as an associate member of the Powertrain department. She now heads the Events department, which is responsible for organising socials, collaborations with other university societies, and  the smooth functioning our team as a society and a community.

Head of Events

Faizan Sheikh

Faizan is in his 3rd year of Aerospace Engineering. He joined QMFS as part of the associate programme, contributing as an associate member to the Electronics and later as a senior to the Business departments. As head of the Marketing department for the 2020/21 season, he ensures that our organisation maintains an active and engaging online presence. In addition, he reaches out to potential sponsors online.

Head of Marketing

Maliha Taqi

Maliha is a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student and the Head of Static Events. She's responsible for the business side of things such as the business presentation. She also oversees instructive seminars for the refining of the associate team's transferable skills making them well-rounded and ready for the workplace.

Head of Static Events

Zeyneb Taibi

Zeyneb is a 2nd year Electronic Engineering student. She earned promotions as the Head of Associates and Welfare officer this year and is continuing her expedition in the Senior Electronics Team. She will oversee career-driven, invaluable learning sessions, shadowing opportunities, and social events whilst making sure everyone enjoys being part of our team.

Head of Associate Team

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