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The suspension system on the car includes the tyres, control arms, shock absorbers and wheel assembly along with the steering system. Members would first learn about the area they have been assigned to using reports and literature available online or in the library and by asking questions to team members. Each component needs to be designed first using CAD and simulated/optimised using CAE software available. The finalised designs would then be manufactured by the member who has designed it using the tools available.

Suspension Team Tasks:

  • Analyse tyres to select which size and compound is best suited for the car

  • Design of suspension control arm geometry

  • Design/Simulate the uprights in the wheel assembly making them as light as possible

  • Design anti-roll bars to be used in the front and rear systems

  • Select which type of steering geometry is the best option for our car (e.g. Ackermann, Reverse Ackermann, Parallel) and design the steering system accordingly

  • Calculate the stiffness needed for the springs and the damping ratio required

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