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The chassis team is concerned with the design and manufacturing of the space-frame, bodyworks, and as of this year the impact attenuator of the car. New members will have the choice of working either on the bodyworks or the impact attenuator, both tasks are explained below:

The bodyworks is the external structure that covers the space-frame and protects all internal components of the car, it is composed of the nose cone side panels and side pods. This part of the car is the one that offers the most workshop time and experience, during the manufacturing phase you will learn how to work with different sorts of workshop machinery as well as many different materials which will include fibreglass and carbon fibre both extensively used in the world of engineering.

The impact attenuator is found in the frontmost part of the car and its job is to absorb the energy of a frontal collision if one ever took place. This is a new component that we have decided to start making ourselves this year and has no precedent in the history of QMFS. If you choose to take up this job you’ll find yourself having to research and design not only the component but also the manufacturing process for it. Making and testing the component so that it is up to the required standards. This may be a very interesting job for whoever picks it up and most likely the one which will offer the most creative freedom since we have no previous experience to build from.

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