We are the Best Newcomer 2017 team in the UK, consisting of a group of dedicated young individuals from the Queen Mary University of London who are passionate about motorsports and eager to compete against the most innovative minds in this industry.

The Formula Student competition gives us the chance to develop our skills and create a team that is competitive and determined to achieve remarkable results. With over 40 talented members, Queen Mary Formula Student is represented by committed people who bring their own unique contribution to this great challenge.

We are proud of our diverse team consisting of more than 20 different nationalities, as each member provides the team with their own personal skills, thus creating a very distinct work environment. This, combined with our determination enables us to build a car that adds up all the individual qualities each member has to offer. 

Although we specialise in different domains, ranging from Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, to Finance, Computer Science, Film Studies and Business Management, we are driven by the same goal. The pleasure of working together and the passion for the project itself has motivated us to always aim for the best possible results, and so we won THE BEST NEWCOMER AWARD at the 2017 IMechE Formula Student UK Competition with the first ever car in our team's history!

Our Team

Our Team






Formula Student is a world renowned competition, which sees over 3000 students compete in a high performance engineering project, which is not only extremely valued by universities, but also by the leaders of the motorsport industry. It is the bench mark for engineering graduates to meet, and a unique opportunity to gain real world experience in a racing team, competing against some of the most innovative minds in the industry.


Formula Student is aimed at innovative and enterprising young engineers. It gives a chance for students to be challenged, as they have to design and build a single-seat racing car to compete in a variety of static and dynamic events. The car must be low in cost, easy to maintain and reliable with high performance in terms of its acceleration, braking, and handling qualities. During the competition our team must demonstrate the logic behind our proposal and must be able to demonstrate that it can support a viable business model for both principals and agents.

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